O+T | Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Protocols

Please take a moment to read through the below information regarding arrival and screening protocols at Catterick prior to your arrival at the course.

Please follow the signs and park in the Green Zone Car Park opposite the main grandstand.

The testing site for officials, trainers and jockeys is Testing 2, across Leeming Lane, behind the Weighing Room.

The NHS Track and Trace System is now in place at Catterick Racecourse and all attendees are requested to fulfil the requirements of the app. A QR code will be prominently displayed at the entrance which individuals will need to scan using the NHS Covid-19 app on their smartphone in order to register their attendance for Track and Trace.

Having passed the three-step testing process, individuals will be issued with a wristband and directed into the Green Zone area of the racecourse.

The testing site for horsebox drivers, stable staff, raceday staff and BHA stables security is in the Green Zone Car Park opposite the main grandstand buildings, on Leeming Lane. 

Please follow the raceday signage to Testing 1. Priority will be given to horseboxes.

The NHS Track and Trace System is now in place at Catterick Racecourse and all attendees are requested to fulfil the requirements of the app. A QR code will be prominently displayed at the entrance which individuals will need to scan using the NHS Covid-19 app on their smartphone in order to register their attendance for Track and Trace.

Having passed the three-step testing process, individuals will be given wristbands for the race fixture. 

The horsebox car park can then be accessed from the testing area by proceeding through the car park.

Valets and anyone requiring vehicle access to Grandstand Enclosure or centre of the course will be given a mirror hanger which must be displayed clearly.

  1. Once arriving in unloading area, proceed to the designated unloading ramp/area.
  2. Stable staff may be required to show passes again. Please follow instructions if asked to do so.
  3. There is a one-way system in operation in the stable yard with the entrance and ID checkpoint through the emergency gate at the rear of the stable yard and exit next to the stable managers office.
  4. Stable staff will unload horse and present at the horse ID checkpoint and stand on the horse's offside while the EWIO scans the horse's microchip and checks identification.
  5. Once cleared, the stable staff will take their horse to the pre-allocated stable.
  6. Once the horse is secured in the stables, the stable staff must quickly return to the horsebox via the sand horsewalk and retrieve their equipment from the horsebox and place it next to the horses' stable box.
  7. If the horse is being fed in the stable, the Stable Manager or EWIO must be informed.
  8. Equipment transfer protocols must be followed.

Under the current guidelines, we're pleased to be able to welcome up to six owners (or representatives) per horse, complying the with the restriction that limits social mixing between households. Owners must not pass their unused badges on to anyone else and pre-registration is essential, please ensure you have registered your attendance on the PASS system by 4pm the day before racing. 

All owners will be directed to park in the Owners Car Park on the opposite side of the road from the Owners & Trainers Entrance and the Racecourse Office. The owners accreditation and screening point will be through the exisiting Owners & Trainers Entrance at the main entrance building.

A one-way system is in place at the entrance, please follow the arrows. Please ensure you bring your photo ID and PASS card to show at the accreditation point. 

Having passed the screening process, you will be directed to the Owners Zone.

Please be aware the following protocols are in place:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking.
  • Social distancing should be observed at all times.

For more information, please see the BHA Owners Protocol here.

The Owners facilities, located within the Amber Zone, are in the new Dales Stand with access to viewing from outside the parade ring and the main grandstand area.

As you know, very unfortunately, we are simply not able to accommodate owners in the parade ring as per current health protocols agreed by the BHA and ROA, with Government.

There will be a complimentary canteen-style offering of sandwiches and soft drinks, including tea and coffee, available for owners.

A bar serving alcohol will be available with outside table service only.

There will be one bookmaker and a tote facility available.

A one-way system is in operation in the stable yard, with the entrance through the emergency gate at the rear of the stable yard and the exit next to the stable managers office.

Where possible, equine movement around the yard will be undertaken in a clockwise direction.

The stable lads hostel will be open for the TOILETS ONLY. There will be no shower facilities available.

Horsebox drivers must stay in their vehicle, but will have use of the toilets. Stable staff will be encouraged to remain in the vicinity of the horses within their care throughout the day, however the racecourse will provide a Rest Area on the main racecourse concourse, outside the Owners & Trainers Bar, which enables appropriate social distancing to be maintained.

Once tested and inside the Green Zone, individuals CANNOT leave the racecourse. If an individual exits the Green Zone they will have their accreditation removed and will have to represent at the testing point upon their return to go through the testing process again.

The existing male changing rooms in the Weighing Room will be used, in addition to an overflow changing area in the Furlongs Self Service Cafe. The exisiting female jockey changing rooms will be used in addition to the jockeys warm up area next door.

There willl be a Colours Drop Off Point at the front of the Weighing Room, with boxes for each race. All colour bags will need to be clearly marked by the respective yard and must be placed in a plastic bag.

There will be two valets based in the overflow jockeys and one in the valets room. Access and exit from the Weighing Room will be via the rear door to the valet's laundry area.

Jockeys are to enter the Weighing Room through the main front doors and exit via the rear fire door, which creates an anti-clockwise flow.

No shower or sauna facilities will be in use.

It is encouraged for jockeys to return to their car if there is a sizeable gap between the races that they are riding in.

Access to the Weighing Room and additional male changing area (Winning Streak Restaurant) will be strictly limited.

Weighing In/Out will be carried out as normal in the Weighing Room, with social distancing and a one-way system to be followed.

An additional table will be provided next to the scales on which jockeys can place their hat, whip and any other equipment that would usually be placed in front of the Clerk of the Scales position.

A gear transfer table will be in view of the Clerk of the Scales, from which saddles, weight cloths, number cloths etc. can be passed from jockeys to trainers or their representatives after weighing out.

The racecourse will provide bottled water for all attendees. These will be placed in an easily accessed area.

There will be light catering provided for jockeys. The stable staff canteen will be open for takeaway food and drinks.

With the exception of alcholic drinks, individuals may bring food and other refreshments with them.

Social distancing must be maintained during course walks. Anyone wishing to walk the course must wear the accreditation provided to them upon entry to the course.

All horses will be saddled up in the stables. Horses are to hold in the stable yard, walking clockwise, until directed to cross to the Parade Ring. A timetable will be posted to aid with timings.

Jockeys will proceed to the Parade Ring in single file and two metres apart, following the one-way system outside the Weighing Room. Designated areas for them to stand will be marked out on the grass.

Face coverings are mandatory and must be put on BEFORE entering the Parade Ring.

Race viewing will be available from the highlighted positions from the front of the grandstand, where social distancing can be maintained.

Only the winning horse is to proceed to the Winners' Enclosure for official photographs. The remaining runners are to be unsaddled in the Parade Ring and then return to the stables area to be washed down.

Jockeys should return to the Weighing Room immediately after the race to weigh in, following the one-way system and social distancing measures.

Ideally, the post-race debrief between the trainer and jockey should take place by telephone after the race. If not possible, the de-brief should take place in the area between the unsaddling area and the Weighing Room whilst observing social distancing at all times.

On completion of their role, each individual should leave the racecourse as soon as practically possible. Individuals who finish at the same time should return to their cars either seperately or observing social distancing. All personnel's departure will be logged by racecourse staff at the exit checkpoint.

The accreditation wristband for the raceday must be removed at the exit checkpoint following instructions by racecourse staff. Accreditation cannot be retained for future use. Any individual who has left the site must complete the arrival and screening procedures again prior to re-admittance.

Click on the map to view a larger version.


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